3-Round Burst Tactical Nuke W/ M4A1 Class Setup (M16)

All right guys, no, , I'm, not gonna lie to you. This ain't, the best m4a1 classic up here in modern warfare. But what I can tell you guys, this is definitely the best m16 classic up here in modern warfare. So if you guys, didn't know, you can actually convert the m4a1 into the m16. So this is the class setup that you guys are going to watch since saying, tactical, nuke gameplay with the m16 right here.

So the first attachment you want to use the stock m16. Grenadier. Second attachment is the no stock for.

That mobility speed third attachment is the stipple grip tape. And for the fourth perk, this is how you convert the m4a1 to the m16. And finally for the fifth, but most important attachment is under ammunition. So you guys want to rock the .45 Sodom, 10, round, megs.

Unfortunately, it only has like 10 ammo per clip with the specific ammunition attachment. This increases your chances of getting that one per shot kill so make sure you guys slap this attachment. This is very significant.

Man, don't, forget. It guys. Okay, and yeah, man, hope you guys do enjoy today's gameplay.

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Man, I'm, craving, dog, guys, please man. Let me know in the comment section down below what is your go-to fast, food restaurant, where you guys. Order your burgers man, McDonald's, Wendy's Burger King in and out five guys, let me know all right let's, get it boys come to some chest high park that was not a one versus though, okay, that's. The one burst right? There are they all still down here? Yeah, they were.

Okay. We are not locations. Secured three gun streakers. The only downfall with this is, he got like 10 ammo per flip.

Pretty hard got the assist bro I'm, taking fire that's. The downfall man, gotcha, the enemy. This guy's trying to push damn. We got a. Sharpener, ah, really, okay, we got the blackbird, but it's going to be kind of hard because I'm working with 10 bullets per clip. At least we got the black. But we have to try to play for the next one, though that's the thing what I didn't get that one first kill come on that's.

The reason why they shoot him again, that's frustrating. That is really frustrating. Damn contestants.

This is pretty challenging , it's, like if it shoots three, it's, three, six, nine, okay, you can only get like three bursts. I.

Know you have to reload, I have to remember that what you got to get all your shots on them like literally on the chest and above . Okay. I might pick up this mp5 here. Just in case, I'm really running the bullets. Man, buddy, okay, that's, ours.

Okay, sunny. Boy. Damn. Where are you guys coming from? Okay? . This is not that much holy , I'm, struggling bro. This has too much recoil when I shoot people from far, okay, I think they flipped damn. I didn't get that kill bro. I guaranteed one burst, I'm going. To call this okay, I'm nervous.

Okay. All right. Hello.

All right? We're feeding them for feeding. Now boys I'm just going to push these guys quick here. Damn I'm out.

Okay, get him. No pushing up, oh crap. Damn there.

We dropped the nuke boys that's. What I'm talking about that was pretty hard man for me honestly, because like the burst shots is very inconsistent on this. Oh okay, you got me though they spawned behind me, but we'll call it instant.

No boys we'll call it. Let me just get more for a few more kills. Here, I was a little nervous. Man, I'll call it they're like 240. Okay. I have to call it in my team is like straight playing obj. There we go there.

We go boys that's what I'm talking about baby with the ogm4a1 baby let's, get it you.