♡ Tammy Taylor Mirror Mirror Chrome Dazzle Dust

Hello, I'm, Tami, Taylor, president of Tami, Taylor, nails. And today, I'm so excited to demonstrate for you, my brand-new mirror, mirror, chrome, dazzle dust, and I'm, not tacky tack, free top gel doing chrome. Nails is really fun. And it looks really cool. But there are a few things you need to be really careful of chrome has a tendency to peel away from the edges, and it shows every imperfection. So today I will be demonstrating for you all my secrets to doing chrome nails. Now, let's get started sanitize your hands.

And your clients hands, the mayor dazzle dust. Chrome is a very high quality chrome that will give you that really nice, high-gloss, chrome, look to your nails. And the'm not tacky is a tack free top gel that doesn't have any pull back. So your edges will stay really pleasant. And even I will be covering the entire nail with flawless foundation. This is very important to make sure it's as perfect as you can get it, because this will make sure that the chrome adheres get your edges, covered completely.

Everywhere, you're going to want that crow make sure you have your flawless foundation, all the way over to the edges, making sure you cap around the edges cap, the tip. Thank here. Two minutes in a UV, 45 seconds and a regular LED or 30 seconds in a mighty mini LED I will be applying only one coat of fresh black.

This is the give depth to your chrome and I will not be applying it. All the way to the edges that way there's, no black showing around the edge. Cure one minute, your mighty mini LED or two.

Minutes in a UV or one minute and a regular LED apply one coat of I'm, not tacky top gel to the entire nail and apply this as perfect as you can get it, because this determines your smoothness cover your edges, get it just as perfect as you can possibly get it with chrome. It shows everything make sure there are no lines covered. It completely I'm going to add just a little more cover all the sides, the tip around the cuticle. Okay, cure one minute, you're, mighty mini LED, one minute and regular LED.

Or two minutes in a UV now I'm going to apply mirror, mirror, chrome, dazzle dust, a little in my cap here use a disposable eyeshadow applicator, make sure you get plenty on your applicator and start at the cuticle and make sure you do full coverage. Then you can scrub it and make it shine get all the way around the edge, completely cover it. You can scrub. If you're going to start getting your Chrome, get it just how you like it make sure you cover all the edges Wow that is so cool. I love this. Okay. Now, I'm going to clean up around the edges with a latex sponge before I, apply my I'm, not tacky, make sure there's, no little dust.

You don't want sparkles if there's any little loose dust, you'll, get sparkles. You want Chrome now I'm going to apply my I'm, not tacky top gel and make sure when you apply your top gel don't, let it sit on there, too long, or you'll nail a start getting little sparkles in it. So you apply it, and then you're going to cure it if you're doing a whole hand, then you would. Apply it onto for cure it then do your thumbs apply your I'm, not tacky and nice long strokes cover the entire nail don't do short strokes. These pleasant long strokes cap the tip cure one minute, you're mighty mini led one minute and a regular LED or two minutes. And you V apply your all-natural peach conditioning, cuticle oil.

Now you have the mirror, chrome, dazzle, dust, nail and remember a Tami Taylor, nails, nails are always fun and never feel like work.