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And now although start today's case that today's, politicians a case that I always saw put us always asked and I. Didn't know, so I searched for treaty absurdity and such, and then I saw how significant it would be to bring the channel's headquarters. So today's case is about china, abandoned in law that was not even born as Nebraska on the 12th of December.

1982 was the youngest son of Kate and john in Roberto passed away in a car accident. 8 months before the government do not accept, and his sister time lived in Lincoln with his maternal grandmother, until the government had completed three years old, and even. Mickey it was at that moment that the two went to live with their mother joy worked as a clerk in a women's retail store to support the family despite china being born a woman. He has always identified with the male sex since saint and adopted the name of Bernanke china. It was a subversion of his real name.

So as country meant with the male sex, I will always refer to him here, and I will call center of Guiana foresting in 1985, the only one again, but the second marriage lasted five years. Then 1980. She filed for divorce because I, but she had some problems with alcohol, the government and her sister fears suffered during much of their childhood sexual abuse committed by an uncle. So it is estimated that this abuse. It started when the father was not around 12 years old. And the sister feels a lot of shame and even a little afraid.

So the button said, remembering many years to talk about it with people to say who was abused. So I said since childhood Bruno, he always behaved with the boy. And this. Ended up becoming more evident during adolescence at that stage. He always identified as a man, even though many people continued to plant here as a woman, he stepped into the school, they continue to treat him as a woman is something he never liked.

And the mother also never accepted it very much. Well, this keeps calling he had not always renewed himself and daughter. The Irish government studied together in college think q that he started to rebel a lot against the school because they didn't accept. Him too, because he had a different uniform from the girls and for boys, he wanted to use the boys.

And thank you mom solves it girl. So in adolescence, he will already be started to wear men's clothes and looser clothes than they didn't mark, his body during that period, too. He had already had a few dates with girls and towards the end of high school. He started to have a very outgoing personality. So people said, he was a clown in the joke book class at the same time.

He started to miss school. A lot of school. That some behaviors of his votes were dropping a lot until he was expelled when there were only three days left for high school graduation when he turned 18, he decided to enlist in the army, but I believe he didn't go, because when he signed up and filled out all the roles as being a young male, plus believing too many documents.

He was having with sex f, mining. So he wasn't done after expulsion from college also register from the army Verde started looking for a job until he found it at a gas. Station where he started working as an attendant at that time, the gang started dating a girl called header. He wanted to buy one trailer that here ours together at that time. He still didn't approve of his behavior. His way she was very afraid that if he was going to influence hose, it has so in January 1992, the turkey was subjected to a psychiatric evaluation that concluded that the bank suffered a severe sexual identity crisis later. He was taken to get more expensive with this sector for exams.

With the purpose of verifying, if Brazil had suicidal characteristics after three days, he was released. He started the therapy sessions sometimes accompanied by his mother or sister. The beginning was already very and talk about his sexuality in therapy.

But eventually he ended up revealing that he and his sister suffer bus in childhood and adolescence. He to tell his FIA two weeks later in 1993, the summer started to have some legal problems that I couldn't find exactly what the problems were. But he. Ended up moving to that stage that was below also getting there and always getting there identified as a man to everyone and quickly made several friends smoking. And then shortly after moving to be fake and ended up living at visa's house, remember that's where he met the student had, I want a friend of Lisa, and she didn't be 18 years old. So he doesn't know they started dating. It was also at this time that the government started having contact with some convicts that was john waters and her.

Husband, Thomas Jennings called Elton, then already 19, December 63, the gang was arrested on charges of forging checks. So his girlfriend went to prison posted bail to get out there. She found out that Brandon was physically a woman because back in prison. He was on the women's team. So he told her that yes, physically. He was a woman.

He was born a woman, but he wanted to have sex reassignment surgery. And in some places, they say that the two will continue dating disclose. They just became friends with. His father so little confused, but in the end of the case is that we will understand this a little better, but I am going to make a note in the newspaper that he had been arrested and put his name at birth name of the entity. That was a woman. It was people discovered that the government was registered as woman when she was born.

And then no one knew, so people found it a bit strange and hidden it a little while later during a party on Christmas, eve of the same year, tony and john motor grabbed a. Government and forced them to remove their pants, because they wanted to prove to the Netherlands that he was a woman. And for fear of the reaction of the two Delano ended up staying there, she didn't say that he already knew that so tom, and they forced him to be the smallest for an aggressive car. They said enough that he goes elsewhere to a refrigerator in Richardson. And there they attacked a government.

Once again, they also listened to him after that. They went back to Tom's house and getting there. They set up the government to take a shower, and then in the bathroom, and he couldn't escape from the house because after all, it was ok to stimulate window and ran away. He went home, Lana and could not convince and file a police report.

Tom then had flown by Bernanke. If he told anyone to the police, they made them silence him permanently, but even so the band managed to convince him to file a complaint. So they made a report and then took him to the hospital. And there they did the exams on him to be. Able to prove that he had been raped in some way that I don't know which way they ended up losing this test. So initially the Chile chi x box was very interested in helping the Verde.

So he collected a statement in the state in response, her of aggression and threats. But as the conversation went on the questions started to be based only on the aspect of the gender adopted by Brandon. He started to ask necessary food questions to such an extent that the gang felt intimidated and refused to continue.

Answering questioning the tone and ended up finding out that the father didn't go until the police started looking for him all over the city, but they didn't find him three days later, the police interrogated two after the interrogation, the police decided to leave two points, because they didn't have enough evidence for them. No it's enough just the threats. He was making against the government. So around one in the morning on December, 31st 1993, Tom and where he went to the Lisa house, and they broke.

Into her house, they found her in bed sleeping and the duo demanded that she tell where the baby was hidden, but she refused and said, she wouldn't tell until Tom managed to find the full under the bed in the house. Galicia. The two ask if there was anyone else in the house, besides idealizing to answer, what Felipe vie was also there and nothing was dating the sister on the list.

So he was also in the house. So the criminals shot and killed the gang, the son and level in the In front of her son, the two. Were taken to the police station and Tom ended up accusing Eleven of the author of the crimes in exchange for having his sentence reduced. So during the court, he even stated that, even after the shooting, he noticed that the gang was moving and took it a knife and stabbed the victim to ensure that she was dead according to him. This was his only participation in the crime. Anyway, Tom ended up being sentenced to life. Imprisonment, son, Jew, went on to deny Tom's allegations and tried to discredit the.

Version presented by his colleague in crime, the jury sentenced john to death for his crimes. The two appealed, the jury's decision in 2007, then denied his initial testimony and claimed. He was solely responsible for the murders according to this new link from tom the newspaper had committed the crimes in 2009, only john based on Tom's, new testimony claiming innocence was rejected by the supreme court search.

The court stated that both tom and John were involved in the crime that the identification of. The shooter is relevant because the two contributed equally to the tragic result, their actions in 2018, the justice rejected for the third time, the appeal of tone, the mother of the young girl's baby filed a lawsuit against chief lopes for not having prevented the death of Brandon. According to her calls the sheriff contributed indirectly for the death of Brenda. She won the case and ended up receiving an indemnity of 80 thousand dollars for mental suffering. In addition to six thousand shots for. Funeral expenses, the stench was also criticized after signing for its attitude towards windows at some point and even referred to the government co, mo bait. And then the case either ended soon he served as county commissioner.

And later, also served as part of the community council before retiring as a school bus driver to this day. He refuses to talk about the case and the way he dealt with the case, and they have already tried some interviews with him, even after ten years at the house, and he still. Refuses to speak, the story of Verde became a documentary and a soap opera. It was released documentary BEM do trio story and 89, the film Poisson faro that was starred by Hilary swank and ended up winning the Oscar for best actress Alana Division ended up suing the producers of the film for having used her likeness and also her name in the film without authorization. She said that in the film, she portrays a personality that has nothing to do with her, and that she is not like that.

And she claims. That in the film, they report that later I found out that the plan was not physically the woman she continued with him, but that this is not what happened in many places they say they will stay together, but she is not how it came out. The movie said, no. So I believe that later it was discovered there with the Romanian. He was arrested.

He was clear when only friends later, I think it is because there is a lot of information, but she said, no, and they won't continue. The world said, she ended up resolving. The situation that so far against the producers for an amount of money that it is not known who the baby's mother was also didn't like the way it was portrayed in the movie. But later, a few years ago, she said that she understood how important it was to be able to speak openly about transgender people. And this is a case that was solved, right? But I thought it was very significant to do it here for you as I said in the documentary, the film many people asked for this case because of the movie that me. Think Portuguese is a cry and that's it guys.

I hope you enjoyed today's case if you liked it, I always liked it until subscribing here, UI on the active channel, notifications I post here taking advantage of certain on social networks that I'm always there talking to you, and it's on top of you tomorrow is the last mysterious weekday.