DOLLAR TREE SHOPPING SPREE For Squishies, Slime & Toys

Hey, guys, it crazy-good today, we're at Dollar Tree to do a $20, no budget for $20 that's. What I meant, but make sure you subscribe and click about so let's get started so wait before we go in we're here in the parking lot. Oh, man dirty that windshield is that needs to clean his car. Okay. So before we go in what are some things that you're helping that you find scheduler mechanical pencils sign and arts and Cast? Ooh, what do you guys eat candy and a lot of stuff and just amazing, thanks.

Well, $20. Is a lot. So you can get as many things for $20. Okay candy. And if I mister stop okay, all right get a tattoo.

Let's, go baby, I like chocolate. All the time. These always feel like chocolate I. Think over here toy section, I bet, there's - noisy box. I love.

The 90s, cool. What is it again, uh, I, don't know, oh, yeah. We need games for tomorrow since it's Friday. We got testing all week. Furthermore, we can, I have like a fun day. Oh, I need to get some snacks for that too.

Okay, oh they're smart or shine glitter. Oh, oh I tried this. Last time, there's like so stiff, you can tell, oh I love that film so much it's. So gooey each other did you know, I love these. Thanks so much. What are they're like Mochas like these? You know, the squishy stuff that?

Oh, yeah, by the way, if you see glasses, that's Caleb like all these cookies, I think this is yeah. This. This is a new one offer this squishy thing and there's, an orange there's squid, Race, okay, just wishes. Right here. This orange, you know where water was most of them.

Yeah, I. Want to get. Orange orange is really yeah, I like the orange does it smell? Yeah. This one's perfect like chocolate that's, actually a perfect squishy.

Oh yeah, all right who should I get the clear I'm going to get this place very much closer all right? Don't. You count how much I have seven steps you have 13 more things together.

Oh, this is like a. This is like a different orange it's like a more. Oh, this is no. This is a grapefruit because you see the color as a grapefruit, oh, oh, I think I like that. One. Better all the meat essence do a squishy test, which one guys orange or grapefruit I like the grapefruit orange I liked it. Better Oh get this for my body because, I, never I can't find anything.

Oh, that's. So do you stick it on your bike I realize or to Pakistan? Wait? Are you sure that?

Yeah, so that is 10, and they're just ugly. They have like grippers I think you're going to like, oh, there's more on their lost I. I have an obsession with like erasers. Alright? So, um, which one she came 12.

13 are you getting all of.Then, yes, oh my goodness. What are they cool? Honest? Yes, you still have half the store, so I would suggest, oh, yeah. Bye guys by the way up here is what when is this my stuff? This is Aubrey so far you in the makeup section. Now leader lipsticks I think I'm going to get me some makeup removers, I, don't need any because I have this Burt's Bees, and it's still glowing.

Are those models you say, oh those, if she bags thing that I got your alright, three items, left it's, a three night on what I'm really excited to see. What these bonbon things I can open. And when we get in the party I want cream, puffs Carly, I wasn't, even doing the challenge to make sure I have all my piata. Okay, I'll read spent right at $20.00 a little extra for time, all right so let's, go on the car and show them what you got. Okay, maybe we should, I think it's.

Just when you first started, okay, so we're in the car robbery does not want to wait till we get home. So neat, kick in the back I, wouldn't open the, but buns. Okay, she's going to open these. Hersh got two of these. These are like little sticky. Things I have a feeling they're going to be deformed, because you know, it's a well is it or not it's a?

Well? This is so adorable that's, a perfect. Boy, I want to get someone in them a little fluffy dog. So I'm going to open that all right?

What else did we get. So we got a holographic rainbow water bottle because, I'm going to bring that to school tomorrow because I just I, literally love water bottles so much and the purple a little ice cooler thing that we got. The all three of them that we found, they have like something on them, and there was really gross. So we just got a good one I think that would look really cute in it right? And then we got a cute little duck, stuff animal and love ducks so much.

And you know, it has giant feet and it and a little phone holder for my bike nachos - yeah, it do I didn't. Even notice I just love those. Okay. So we got three packs of erasers, oh I, didn't. Notice, this had cactus Oh cute. We got fruit offerings bathroom.

Is cactus themed bars. So, and then we got I need to open this the poop. Okay, I need to open the put. The food, oh is it like my mercy wish or like putty, I, don't know, or does it go?

We don't know you guys will be the first to find out I think it's, fine, oh it's. Another package, oh that's. Nice. You that's like she is it?

Good. Yeah, it's really. Good. It's, super gross.

Oh that's, actually, perfect just thinking about a chocolate cookie dough or shoulder, bedding, or I might chocolate pudding cake makes, oh yeah. All right and then I owe so much, oh, I know, all right dad's going to get in the corn say, why did all this dollars refill come from? And then we got some mechanical pencils with grippers. We got some snacks. Oh, if I changed out another getting mechanical pencil with this Oh loves erasers and pencil, they can own new squishy more slime.

Another one of those bonbon bangs, some Taffy Taffy and will turd. So I think he did pretty good for your $20. Amazing boss, run that's, just amazing after-school.

Treat to do if you guys want to see more shops like this, one make sure to give this video, a like is, frankly that balance up you.