English 7 Q1 Lesson 1: Analogy

Good day grade, seven, it's, English time, I'm teacher, Lester your guide in becoming star learners of English. And this is English on air today. We're going to talk about a topic that will not just enhance your vocabulary, but will also help you improve your critical thinking skills. What is it letting's? Find out take a look at these four images?

Do you find any relationship between or among them? Now, try making two pairs out of these four, which ones will you put together here. They are the first pair. Consists of a propeller and an airplane while the second pair comprises a heart. And the circulatory system propeller is to airplane as hard is to circulatory system. Take note that the first words are a part of a whole, which is represented by the second word and phrase, an airplane won't work without its propeller, the same way, the circulatory system won't function without the heart I'm.

Sure you got this right? But what if I remove one of the items from the series will you be able to know what. Word is missing let's. Do this one proper hygiene is to good health as virus is too. What do you think is the missing word? But before you answer, you have to analyze the first pair, proper, hygiene and good health.

Then you have to decide on the word to be paired with virus. Perhaps you also answered disease. Did you notice that the second part shows the possible effects of the items in the first part, proper, hygiene, usually results in good health and viruses, commonly cause a disease?

I think many of you. Answered this correctly, and if you did, you just got three stars from teacher, Netflix. The previous examples, show an analogy.

It is the comparison of words or expressions based on a specified relationship. These pairs can be objects, people events or concepts. This is how an analogy is written. The colon is read as is to while the double colon is as so this is hygiene is to health as virus is the disease. One skill that you need to learn is supplying the appropriate word or expression to complete an. Analogy and in doing this, you have to know its types.

One of the most common types of analogy is synonyms. It uses words or phrases that have the same meaning compassion is to empathy as love is to affection. On the contrary, antonyms present words or ideas whose meanings are opposite. Could you read?

This example, good job. The next example shows a part-to-whole analogy. It may be presented inversely too classification.

It shows items and the groups or categories to which they belong in. This example, fern. Is a non-flowering plant while squid is an invertebrate. Next is the cause and effect analogy in this example, take note that the first parts are the causes while the second portions show the possible results. One complex type of analogy is problem and solution. Poverty is to job opportunities as trash crisis is to three r's.

Notice that the first part presents the issue while the second part offers a possible solution, poverty could be alleviated through providing more job opportunities. And the. Trash crisis could be solved by implementing, reuse, reduce recycle, amazing, I'm. Sure you've learned a lot, but it isn't over yet.

Do you know where I am you're right? This is our school campus. I'm sure you miss this place so much so on your next task, let's talk about activities and ideas related to school, get your notebook and pen and be ready for this. Number one mathematics is to subject as earth. Savers club is to let us first unlock the type of analogy using this pool of letters. You got if it's.

Classification now what best completes the analogy an office b organization, c, students or d, teachers, great, it's, b, organization. Number two, the type of analogy is study habits is to good grades as bland is to successful project a cooperation. B, disagreement, c recognition or d reward. If you answered letter a're, correct for number three. The analogy is students is to learners as intelligent as to a successful be efficient c, determined or d. Clever, the right answer is d. Clever number four shows. Entrance is to exit as lazy is to a careless be hardworking c, irresponsible or d, idle its letter b, hardworking.

And for number five teacher is to faculty as preface is to a book b, page c, library or d word. And the correct answer is a book if you got all the correct answers, you just got five stars from teacher, Lester, congratulations. But no worries if you missed on some items, just be sure to take note of the correct answers. Still, you did a wonderful job. Remember analogies help us understand. The relationship between or among the objects events or concepts that we encounter it's, also a good way to learn new words or vocabulary items in some cases it lets us explain ideas in a unique and more meaningful way, are you ready for more types and examples of analogy, then start reading and answering your modules and worksheets for lesson one. This has been your guide in becoming star learners of English.

I'm teacher, lesser together, let's, listen, speak, read write. And think in English see you on. The next episode of English on air have a great day.