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Right, ladies and gentlemen, I've had a lot of people ask me how to register with FEMA, so I'm going to go through those steps with you real quick. This is how to self certify now, keep in mind self-certifying, it's, just like taxes. You can do your own taxes.

You don't pay the IRS to do your taxes. If you want to professional do your taxes for you, you go to H&R Block, or you hire an accountant you pay a professional to do them for you. This is the same if you need, I can register you for FEMA and help. You get FEMA contracts, I can help you get registered and teach you what you know what steps you need to take and the best way to go about it.

No one can guarantee you anything. The only thing the government guarantees is death and taxes haha. But I can show you the best route to get and actually win FEMA contracts. So first you have to be registered in Sam.

You have to have a basics and registration. So if you're already registered in Sam you're going to need to go into Sam and click on the box. That says, you want to be added to the disaster recovery, directory, it's, WWF, govt, govt and search records, and I'm going to put in my account 5ym the one.

So in Sam, the box right here, it says, do you wish to be included in the disaster response registry? You need to bet that yes in that box, if you have not registered in Sam I'm going to also need to process your representations and certifications. Okay, this is a very serious document guys. This is not to be taken lightly.

Your reps inserts they're called. Foreign default provisions or orca, or this used to be called online reputation, certifications application or reps and certs for indeed far provisions at different agencies, call them different things, they're, the legal mumbo-jumbo to do business with the government. You have to have these there's, no way around it, I think there's 78 of them. Now total and some of them have over 50 paragraphs of information in them if you're going to self certify, you have to process these there's, no way around.

It, and if you do process them under self, certification I would go access to far manual to do it properly. Because the problem of these certifications, if you don't do them correctly, you know, if you make a mistake and the government thinks it was on purpose, doesn't matter if it was accidental or not the government thinks it was on purpose. They can find you. You can serve jail time. The fine for making a mistake.

If they think you did on purpose, trying to cheat. The system is right up here since I get. To it, I'm still in the deep bars any day now, okay.

So there we go. You have to when you register in Sam, or if you did it, someone else did this registration in Sam, and you're going in to update it to make sure that you're registered basic registration for FEMA. When you sign out you're going to be the one attesting to it, so you're signing off on somebody else's paperwork. If you didn't process this originally either way, if you don't do it correctly, and they think you did it on purpose, you the. Signer are testing to actually website certification standard.

You understand may be subject to criminal prosecution. There's section 1001 title. 18 United, States, Code, Civil, Guards as a bla, BLA, BLA, BLA, you're, also certifying that you've read each of the far be proper provisions, and you're certifying that you read the entire makes table as well, including the entire next table.

I define. If you make a mistake in here is ten thousand two hundred thousand per failure. So don't, take this lightly guys. Make sure you does it right? And if not mean have your boss sign-off on it doesn't sign it yourself because you're, you know, you're taking a liability if you do it wrong. So this is the bare minimum requirement to do business with FEMA.

Now again, does this guarantee you're going to win contracts? No there's, no guarantee. If you want to have the best possible, chances of winning FEMA, government contracts, you're going to take a need take a few additional steps.

Number one, the gut Emma post contracts in FBO, So there are some contracts in FBO that you can go bid on. And if you win them, you went on also, you should desire. You should register with all your disaster recovery divisions for your state, local and county government. Because if you don't well, I'll put you this way, if you register with your state, local and county government and your state county or local government, hires you when FEMA comes in and takes over there's a good chance that FEMA will keep you female will hire you because you're. Already working for the state or the county or the local government. So it's, a good way to get in the door by registering with your state, local or county, government disaster recovery divisions to do that you want to where did I save that out, um I just saved it last week and I don't, remember, I'll find it.

If you guys needed just let me know, but yeah, register with your state, local and county. Government I think maybe I prayed under the FEMA know any way I'll find it. If you guys require it, let me know.Also, if you register your state, local and county government, and they hire you FEMA will possibly hire you and keep you in place, it's a good way to get in also doing some contract work for FEMA contractors that are currently registered it's, a good way to get in the door also reaching out to FEMA federal purchasing agents calling these guys and letting them know that you're compliant asking and what you can do to earn their business, especially if you're registered for simplified acquisition. The. No-Bid contracts, which is a little it's, a lot more work than just doing the basics and registration. But when you get set up for simplified acquisitions, let me know right now.

Guys there's not a lot of competition in the system. And I know, you hear me, tell me that hear me tell you that, but you can go into Sam yourself. And look, you have to take my word for it.

There used to be six hundred and fifty thousand for-profit, vendors and Sam now there's only about 160. And we've done eighty thousand same. Registration so I can only guarantee you half of those are compliant. If you go into search records and go to advanced search active, no exclusions, no federal debt.

Socioeconomic status is either a woman minority veteran or a woman owned poor, Aware, Zone and for-profit, Awards for profit. And search it's gone up is a hundred to ninety-three thousand federal contractors in the system right now and not all of those are active to see. The ones that are in progress. Now I get a lot of people ask me what. Isn't there, any kind of federal assistance that we can go to if we want to do this on our own and not pay a professional.

Yes, you got the federal service desk. You have local PAC offices and your SBA. All of those guys can give you advice and tell you how to get registered in Sam, but none of them can do your reps inserts for you, so there's, no way around that. And if you guys are wanting to get this done quickly and get it done, right, you should go with a professional because it's just the reps and. Certs alone, you're talking about a twenty-seven hundred page manual to tell you how to do those 78 reps and certs.

So the guys are serious about this reach out to me. Give me a call drop me, an email. Let me know, I love to be loved to be the guy to add you to my list of happy clients. And let me get you the contact info, um, the federal service desk, I have memorized at eight six, six, six, oh, six, eight, two, two, oh. And if you guys need me, let me know don't pay.

Anyone doesn't buy anything from anyone without. Checking with me first like I said, I'd love to be the guy to add you to my list of happy, clients, post, your new comment up here about how awesome. You think I. Am. Alright. Let me know seventy to seventy-eight hundred thirty, twelve J, Wayne at USF cargo, be calm. Thanks guys.