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Sorry, I'm late to the party as usual we're going to get an inordinate amount of arrows and keep the bow of light. And just so we're clear, we are keeping the bow of light without all the tacked on final boss garbage that you would originally have to deal with if you decided you want to keep it also look at graph about 20 percent of you are supporting this channel. And hey, I appreciate that thank-you. I usually forget to click subscribe for channels. I enjoy even when it's all up in my face.

So. Props to you memory storage or more specifically, what we're using it for the new game, plus glitch and inventory corruption. This glitch is complicated time-consuming easy to mess up and once you're done with it, you're done. You can't go back and do something you forgot without starting from scratch and making another new file. You also need to have the DLC, a decently progressed file and a normal mode file, that's free or one that you're willing to overwrite by the end of this.

Furthermore, you should have a new. File that has the bow of light and an inordinate amount of arrows from inventory corruption. There are other things that are possible to do with this.

But to me, they're, not worth the work. It takes to do or cover them fight me. Let's start load up your decently progressed file if it's your normal mode file, be sure that you're, okay with overwriting it by the end of all of this. We have to activate memory storage and to do that, we need the following things. The travel medallion, a memory, the Shaka sensor.

Plus, at least one compendium picture, an incomplete side quest a lit cooking pot, nearby optional and easy access to death without needing to pause the game. If you don't have these things go, get them. We are moving on go to your side, quests and make one active, setting its destination on the map go to a location where there's a cooking pot, preferably close to where your side quest map. Marker is light the cooking pot, if it's not already lit and also don't stand near it. Yet just keep it in view like a. Responsible parent, then probably take off your armor, equip, a bomb rune or a torch, or something that makes death easier later and then save your game. Now before we start doing some precise inventory nonsense.

Let me explain the what and how of what we'll be doing in a second. This right here is what we'll be aiming for the prompt to view, a memory, detached from the pause menu and memories tab. We achieve this by pressing an on a memory on the same frame. The pause menu is closed. You can't manually.

Unpause during that normally, however, so we have to go through a bunch of nonsense to make that possible. The travel medallion is unique in that it's. The only item that can forcibly close the pause menu and there's, a small glitch that lets us delay. When that close happens, giving us time to set things up and abuse that unique quality by going over to your rule compendium going to one of your entries, pressing y to target with sensor.

And then immediately pressing plus to go back to your. Inventory you'll get the searching for UI to show up briefly on your inventory menu during the time that it's there, the close menu function can't proceed. The only problem is that during that delay you're also unable to change tabs at least normally. This is where our quest map marker comes into play after you confirm to place your travel, medallion escape back to the map menu before the delay is over while in the map, we can access our side, quests tab by hovering over our active quest marker and.

Selecting open adventure log. Unfortunately, we aren't given any time to do anything still because as soon as we select open adventure log the menu, closes frame, 1. Luckily, we have the power to delay. The menu from closing again, at least for a handful of frames hover over the quest marker and press y to select a different search target, choose shrine open adventure log. And while it might show your inventory menu, you're, actually in your adventure log, which can receive inputs there for the couple of. Frames the menu stays open during those couple of frames.

You need to go to the memories tab and press an on a memory. If timed correctly we'll get our memory prompt outside the pause menu, if you're missing a lot of memories, we'll likely need to preemptively, sort out the adventure log to land on the right places, requiring the least amount of inputs to get to the memory prompt, let's set up our adventure log and then go over the exact steps and inputs for everything when we open adventure log from. A map our cursor and quest start at the top of the list, which translates over to the memories tab. If we press right on the d-pad, if the cursor doesn't land on a memory, you can view scroll down on the memories tab until one you can view sits at the top then your adventure. Log is set up optimally. We can now continue.

Step 1 go to your key items, inventory and hover over your travel. Medallion. Step 2, press, minus and go to your rule compendium and hover over one of your entries step 3 press, y and. Plus consecutively, if the searching for UI shows up quickly place your travel, medallion, then press minus to go back to the rule compendium before the inventory menu, closes step 4 go to your map and hover over your active side.

Quest marker press, y then hover over the shrine option. Step 5 follow these inputs getting this right is very precise. So expect a lot of failure, you'll likely, deactivate your side quest a couple of times press, d-pad, right, too early or not at all see the memory prompt, but.

Only for one frame pressed the final, a too early, or managed to end up on the memories tab, but saw heard no inputs registering pressed the final, a too late. So let's, see it be done right a couple more times, maybe practice getting down the rhythm. This will take some practice, but you'll get it. Once you do be careful it's easy to get rid of this memory prompt. And we need it avoid pressing b, a or plus until we're ready to.

So what do we do with this? Basically we want to watch the memory while we reload. A save, however, pressing plus trying to go to the system menu forces us in the memories tab trapping us here until we get rid of the prompt cancelling, the glitch. This is where the lit cooking pot comes in to save us. Since our inventory menu is context.

Sensitive. Step. Six stand next to the lit cooking pot and press, plus this will put us in our materials tab. Or if you don't have a lit cooking pot, you can just wait 15 seconds. And the game will forget that it was on the memories tab. Step 7, go to.

System load press and the save that you made and then hover over load step 8 follow these inputs a d-pad up an if you did it quick enough to hear the memory prompt, accept your input, you succeeded, just a little more to go. And no more quick inputs required step, 9 become dead. You could bomb yourself light yourself on fire. Be ravaged by make up o'coin's day. So many options just avoid pressing plus during this, or you'll cancel.

The glitch step 10 on the game over screen do not continue, but.Instead, quit to the title screen. Step 11 start a new game. It doesn't matter if it's on normal or master mode, it'll just be turned into a normal mode file by the end I'll explain that later. And finally, we have now done the setup. Listen, I know it sounds ridiculous. But now we need to essentially beat the game in one sitting, or at least never close the game.

Slash fully turn off the switch until we're finished. I know what you're thinking cleric who the heck thought this was a good idea. Why do I give? You the valuable time of my day, and I don't have a good answer for those questions. So normally, when you start a new game as soon as you're free to move and walk around the game auto saves, you may have never noticed it or given it a second thought, but the auto save here is important in preventing nonsense.

What we have right now is a new game that can't auto save it wants to it's trying, but it can't because of this we are free to do nonsense also known as the new game, plus glitch we'll be doing a. Process known as inventory transfer, which brings the contents of your inventory you built up in your auto save list file into a new file, starting from the beginning without bringing over any flags that were set this saves us from being stuck in the dark beast, canon boss fight, which was the former unpleasant baggage of stealing the bow of light. But it also ends up as a normal mode file. Even if you started in master mode because apparently master mode is just a flag. So it gets reset as well there. Is also flag transfer, which is kind of the reverse. It also doesn't turn auto saving back on, so we'll just be using it to continue where we left off.

If we ever die. This auto saveless file is pretty fragile, though if you'd like to avoid the need to do all of this over again, we'll need to avoid doing some things do not manually save the game just like auto saving. It will try not succeed, and you will soft lock. The game do not close the game unless you're soft locked or something I guess do not watch.

A memory in the memories tab until you're prompted to buy this tutorial do not save a picture with the camera rune and do not select continue after dying. Number five, won't, turn on auto saving, but it will send you back to the shrine of resurrection with no flags transferred. Meaning. You've lost progress dying in particular should be avoided. As you essentially only have one extra life before you potentially ruin your glitch and need to start over. If you die for the first time quit to the title. Screen and then load any file it'll start you at the beginning again, but you also keep any progress you made in terms of flags that you've set.

This is flag transfer if you die again, however, trying this a second time will soft lock the game, but there's a way to make that not the case basically giving us our extra life back. All you have to do is go to system load and that's. It is just looking at the screen prevents the game from soft locking. If we do flag transfer again, essentially giving us our extra. Life back that way, if we die again, we can still keep transferring our progress, just make sure to look at the load save screen every time you've been.

Reset in case you die. Again later, just one more thing before I let you go on your merry way to defeat canon. The journey is going to be long. So after you get your para glider, let's set it up so that you don't have to lose your entire inventory when dying make sure you're still looking at the load safe screen. Every time after you do though grab the.

Travel medallion and place it on this rock near eventide island. So the next time you do flag transfer dive reload is safe from the title screen. Look at the load save screen to gain your extra life back avoid picking anything up fast travel to your travel. Medallion, start the event island, quest then exit, the challenge by swimming away and give up upon doing so you'll get your old inventory back as long as you didn't pick up anything while it was empty.

Alright, I think I have gone on long enough on. What you should not do and what to do if you die, let's, finally, start making some progress. Our goals. Now are to obtain a memory rival's flap is the easiest to get and gather everything.

You need to annihilate, the four blights and calamity canon I'll, give you a quick synopsis of what I do to prepare, but ultimately, how you do this is up to you. I take a horse from Taobao grassland grab the ancient saddle register, the horse and equip it with the saddle grab major's mask wearing this makes Beau. Goblins goblins, gigolos and stall enemies, not fight you on sight, maybe cut some grass for a ferry or two collect the full phantom armor set. It has the highest base defense and comes with attack up go to the Warren tower and collect all the hearty during near it to cook, hearty food on the way to Rico village stop at the piper ridge, great fairy fountain and grab the four fairies get the rival memory at radio village, gather good weapons at rule castle. And for inventory corruption, you'll want.

To get the hyaline shield and don't damage it fill your bow inventory and don't leave an empty slot at the end of calamity canon or dark beast. Canon entering the dark beast fight with a full bow. Inventory gives us an extra bow slot.

Extra slots can't be carried over during inventory transfer. And this causes a sync from your inventory in game data. And in the game's memory upon re-syncing, your inventory, your equipped shield will transfer its durability value over to the next slot or buy.

However, Many filled extra weapons, slash bow slots you have if you upgraded your inventory with best. Now we just need to defeat calamity canon and enter the dark beast fight. This is it don't mess up anything now we're. So close, step, one, grab the bow of light step, two shoots, canon's glowing points, except for the final one step, three sort your inventory to have the bow of light anywhere, besides the last slot for inventory corruption, sort your shield's inventory to have the hyaline shield in the first slot.

And equip it also ensures that you did, in fact, get the extra bow slot and that it's not empty step 4. Watch a memory in your memories tab to re-enable auto saving step five deals. The final blow to dark beast, canon without the bow of light equipped, otherwise the game will take it from you either use an ancient arrow with a different bow or switch to a different bow before the light arrow hits step. Six after skipping, the credits reload, an existing save it'll. Do the beginning sequence again, just like.

Flag, transfer after gaining control of link, the game will auto save step 7, reload the autosave. It just gave you and to re-sync your inventory manually, save and reload it. And finally we are done was it worth it? No not to me.

Anyway, this was a lot of time spent on just invalidating the use of most other bows and being scared of opening chests with certain arrows in them doing that resets your large arrow count to 999 so reload to save if you do. But at least we are done unless if you thought all of. This was too easy and want to take it up a notch with nonsense here's.

Someone else's video, unchained, inventory, corruption, in which case you'll, not want to do that. Last step have fun. Bye.