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You can find me in the woods with my dogs under pine trees in a land of a law. I've been drinking on this whiskey, got my head up in the cloud, what up dog pound it's, Tim I'm back again, with another dog, pound reaction. So if you're new to the channel hit that like button, subscribe button, notification, bell make sure you watch this video all the way through get your family and friends do the same that way we get built up on the algorithm. And we can get the channel to grow because trust me you don't. Want to miss out on this because this is the realest YouTube channel when it comes to video reaction, you will ever find other than Mikey.

D615 don't, tell me I said that because he'll get bigger than what it already is all right. Ladies and gentlemen, we're back at it again. We're about to go down the rabbit hole of ODR, that's, right old dirt road.

Now, if you haven't been watching IG we're doing interviews today, tonight with ODR myself and mikeyd615, big deep in Tennessee, that's, right, he's coming back. Into town, we're going to be live tonight at 8, 30, p.m, central time, 9 30, p.m eastern time on the triple t, channel. You don't want to miss it because trust me, we got a lot of questions for old dirt road all right, ODR you're up to the plate. My guy once again, with a song called jacked up. Now, you know the rules we hope you come with the bars.

We hope you can stuff us fire. We hope your stuff is gas. Because if it is well, it's going to go on the board, but if it's trash and trust me, it's, never personal it's. Strictly business we're going to send it straight out the door. So ODR let's, see what you're talking about with a song called jacked up let's, get it? Man. You come out the gate hard.

You say, look man, got some girls on long hairs. These are the rules of regulations of the trailer park. We better lay it down for you.

We about to show you what it's like we're about to be fronting. Furthermore, we ain't capping on nobody. Furthermore, we letting you know, the real deal holy field. What the regulations are that's tough. I think in. The beginning, he says simplify what you know about temper, phi or just saying we got the Georgia bulldog sweatshirt on. But you know, here, Georgia, boy, I'm, a Georgia, boy, too, even though I live in Louisiana back that up a little come on man, let's, get it.

Why are they tripping swinging back that long hair like this in the dark? These are the regulations. We call the party crowd, hey, that's, the truth. Baby. You say, we live down the dirt road. We call that a country mile and that's.

A fact, that's a fact when. You live out in the country you live on a dirt road before they say you get that country mile go down there make a right on that country mile. You know, what they're talking about if you're from the country, you know where the country mile is, if you ain't from the country, you don't know, trust me you won't, you do not know and some of you all you all be faking. The funk because you'll be watching these doggone videos. And you be taking little tidbits from them. And you put them in your little vocabulary, make. It seems like you're too country when you really ain't, hey, just own up to it.

If you get from the country, that's cool, we can still kick it, but don't be some don't be faking something that you're, not you feel me. Man, what's up that's, facts. Come on ODR. I see you about to flex on this one you bet that on talk your stuff let's go for you baby right now we're chilling on tailgates. We call the party crowd with the hey, even the doggone police are scared to pull me over at the road. They already know somebody.

Getting them phenomenal I'm making my stacks he's, like you know that he wasn't always an honest guy. He wasn't always doing the right thing. He said, but look man, my mom and pops are jacked up on sandy bars. They tell me I need to get sober. Hey, you got to practice what you preach first, basically, what he's saying, that's, tough, that's, tough. When you when your parents are dying jacked up on some awesome stuff, they're trying to get you to get sober.

Man, that's, you know what they say that's, the killer calling. Pop black come on ODR like I said, you're flexing, right now let's get it. Baby gotta pull me over mama, Poppins, Danny Bart's telling me I need to get sober. I wonder why laughing cry pray at night said it. This trailer park is in my heart.

So , I'm, ready? Ready? He said, look man. He said, I'm so lonely. I can cry I'll put a beer a tear in your beard for you. If you like he said, but hey, we got jacked up trucks.

Riding down those roads, it's got potholes and dirt roads. We call them the country mile that's. A. Fact, well, you're trying to take on take a four-door sedan down or a sports car down a country road they're going to come back the same way. It went down.

I can promise you that. Well that suspension's going to be torn up you better be in the truck. You have to not pull them down at the ground. If the dagger on potholes don't, get you to grab a wheel. Let me tell you don't be riding down the doggone country road when there's gravel at a high rate of speed, because you will lose control. I know from personal.

Experience, I rode my vehicle many times you think I would have learned, but I didn't, I was young that's all come on for you baby right now, dirt rocks and potholes. We up there swaying, you know, we ain't playing, so I'm, pop that apple top to sweep my craving you talking about that moonshine, baby, hey, that's. Another thing that's, one thing about the internet and dagger on TV.

Some of you all be back on watching all these dagger reality shows about moonshiners and whatnot. And you try to throw a little angle. Out there like you really know what you're talking about, but I'm telling you really don't, and you're going to get exposed you all need to stop back on faking the funk, some of you all couldn't, even dag going to stay in the smell of moonshine, damn burning your hair out of your nose. I'm, just speaking facts.

Come on. Why ain't playing I'll pop the top on that apple pop just to ease my cravings got the Chevy jacked up, and it looks like I'm, skyrocketing gotta show them how you just might have to do some skydiving. Oh boy, hey, that's, tough, right there.

He said, look man, my chevies so jacked up. They look like I'm, skyrocketing. Man, you think I have to get a skydive to get up in that joint that's. How hard it is man, that's a tall truck, if your stuff jacked up that hot boy, how you even legal on the street, I know what you all I got a truck, but it ain't jacked up, but I have some partners what they do is find out what the law is use. These about 28 inches on the bumper and make a makeshift bumper and drop that thing down. To 28 inches off the ground.

So you have a bad dag on two feet of space in between the bumper and the tailgate, but its legal doesn't say that it has to be connected as long as the bumper is 28 inches from the ground of those guys will they'll pull you over real quick come on toes up on the dash while my shorty kicked back finger, counting up all the rags backward with some prison tests been down that road. But I came back in a strong way. Some people say the wrong way.

But boy, I took that long way. He said, look man, my shorty's sitting over there on the side with the feet up on the dash I'm running down that road. So you know, I got prison tax. I came back some something some people said, I came back the wrong way. He said, I came back the strong way. I mean, he went down that that dark path in his life. Apparently, he ain't doing that.

No more that's a good thing. Now, he's doing his music and expressing everything he can through his music to try to better himself and his community and that's. What it's. About, hey, like I always said, we all take two paths in life.

You take the hard right over the easy wrong every now. And then we all going to take the easy wrong and that's, what builds your testimony, but eventually we'll come back to that hard, right and that's. What ODR has done so mad respect for that man, but that was tough. I know, I keep pausing man, but he keeps saying a lot of stuff come on with some prison tasks, been down that road.

But I came back in a strong way. Some people say the wrong way before. I took that long way let me get back to it slipping over fluid got my homeboys in the back screaming. You can do it has to cool off in the back.

He said, look man. People said, I came back the wrong way. He said, I came back the strong way I took that long road back. He said, let me get that cool whip.

Furthermore, he said, I got my homies in the back young. You can do it. I mean, they give me words of encouragement, saying, hey, man, don't worry about it.

You can do the right thing you can get back on the right track. Come on. Get it out to the field got this , that's worth it.

Everybody knows the deal I'm so lonesome, I could cry that's why the , dude, that's, why I ride so high there's a tear in my beard for you baby right now, dirt rocks and potholes we call the contract Danny's health is deteriorating working that meal is so degrading work. My hands straight through the bone, just for a little gravy, don't, try to play me ain't. Nothing nice. I got them hands and I sold a knife, never feel. But I earned my. Stripes, I have to shave it with the ground and pipes stepping out that wood line.

He said, look man. My paws are working the mills said, I already know what that life's like I've already done that see I worked it too broke my hands to the bone just get a little gravy. You don't get a twist now. So I still got that jacked up truck I'm making my bread. I might be having a day job, but I'm still doing stuff on the side, he's letting, you know, if he has to he's going to go out there and make them stacks he's gonna. Do what he's gotta do today and survive like I said, we all take those wrong paths and lives.

Eventually, we come back to the right now when he said that cool whip line, you could've been talking about whippets, I don't know, I'm going to leave that one alone, though back it up doesn't, try to play me ain't. Nothing nice. I got them hands and I sold a knife left the field, but I earned my stripes. I have to shave it with the ground of pipes stepping out that wood line sniffing home vine country through the court. One known to the drake moonshine and stack up them dollars camouflage, I'm, getting down it's hard to see me up in this town, check the crown until I ground, I'm, whispering I'm hell bound pop that top get that country living talk about drinking that shine he's like, you know, hey out in the country.

We do our own thing. Our own way, don't come right here. Tell us how to live our lives. Okay, because we're going to do it our way. And if you do well, don't get mad when somebody going to slap you around a little get. You all jacked up its because we're talking about jacked up, don't mean, we're talking about jacked up trucks, you can get jacked up physically, mentally or spiritually. However, you want it.

But eventually you won't get jacked up. That's, tough. Come on load. It up. We don't give a . You won't see us coming, but you hear this loud that's true, hey, hey, we don't give an f around here. You going to hear us coming.

Furthermore, you may not see us, but you're going to hear this coming soon. We loud as all get up because our trucks are gonna. Be rolling as we roll down that dirt road potholes and gravel you're going to hear us coming you're going to hear those stacks.

Some people may run straight pipes. Some people may be running those diesel packs some may be running those cherry packs. But you going to hear us coming. I guarantee it, I know exactly what he's talking about to come on. I don't see my good cry, that's.

Why? The Chevy check, though that's, why I ride so high for you baby. What do you say he said, dirt rocks and potholes that's, what we call? Country mile as a fact, hey, I thought the thing was fire. I thought it was gas as always ODR. Well, you on a roll, my guy and you two for two ODR jacked up, hey, put a comment down below. Let me know what you think am.

I right? Am I wrong or am? I just straight crazy, but the whole message of the songs let, you know that hey out in the country. We live our lives, our own way we live by certain codes and certain regulations that's.

Why we ride around jacked up trucks because we ain't riding around on blacktop. Roads, we're, riding down dirt roads, with pie, holes and gravel. And sometimes we might have to do some things on the side. They make a little of bread. That's, just the way it is, you know, we don't live in the city where we have the opportunity to go get all these multiple jobs.

Everybody else does. So we have to do what we have to do to survive and provide for our family. And sometimes you know, sometimes we might not might sometimes do things that may not be on the up and up is basically what he's saying. I thought the song was fire. I thought it was gas. Furthermore, I loved his flow. Furthermore, I loved his rhythm.

Furthermore, I loved his cadence. Furthermore, I loved everything about it. Now you can call me straight crazy. It won't be the first time trust me I'll be called worse than that.

But put a comment down below let me know what you think and don't forget tonight at 9 30, p.m, eastern 8:30 p.m, central time. We will be live on the triple t, channel, not the dog pound channel, not this channel. But the triple t, channel myself and big d from Tennessee.

Mikeyd615 and we're going to sit down and interview and talk it up with ODR, oh dirt road. And we got a lot of questions. And I hope to see you there all right dog pound, you know, the deal be kind yourself, love yourself, love your family, love, your neighbors to include your enemies doing those as you wish to do unto you. And as always god, bless you and god, bless America until next time, this is Tim with your dog, pound reaction, stay strong. Stay blessed, stay safe and I'll.

See you on the next one? And I hope. To see you tonight have a blessed day.