Pengumuman Kelulusan Peserta Didik SDN 107 T. A 2019/2020

There, I, don't, forget my water, you smile, Sayyidina, Muhammadan, Wei, alkali, Wei, Ashanti, Alma'in, Emma, Bad, Alhamdulillah, praise and gratitude. We pray to Allah Subhash, Wei, Ta'Ala, blessings and peace. Be upon our lord the prophet, the Great Prophet, Muhammad, sallallahu, 'Malachi, Wei, salaam, A happy day This is what is full of blessings, Mr. Congratulations to all elementary school students, 107 Pekanbaru, who took exam after exam, even without the final school exam due to the Pick 19 pandemic Hi, But. With the freckles, the invitation to the final school exam did not experience carrying out exam activities outside the final exam support and Alhamdulillah, today, June 15, 2012, is the most important moment for our 6th grade students. Because today is the announcement of graduation for the 2011-2012 academic year students based on the results of the meeting of all educators and education. Personnel of the new SD 170, which was attended by the shovel committee on the day of Saturday 13th Jun, 20.20 states that SDN 107 Pekanbaru passed 100% for that, Father congratulates, all 6th grade students who have passed, hopefully the knowledge that has been received while waiting to study at SD. 107 HAI becomes useful, knowledge and blessings in this world.

And in the hereafter Amen, yes, Royal Alain in front of you to all of you first San, 2019-2020, Keep, the spirit and istiqomah Don't ever forget. The alma mater, SD 107, just as at school, how are your children, Father, menu? Hi, may you be blessed and. Successful always and finally, Bangkok will represent the entire Teacher Council of SDN, 107 Pekanbaru expresses, infinite gratitude to parents, parents, guardians of students who have been collaborating and always establishing friendships for the development of our children, hopefully all the goodness that you have given will be expensive again, Allah Subhash, Wei, Ta'Ala, Thanks. You are sorry for everything. Our shortcomings assalamu alaikum warahmatullah. I appreciate your feelings.