The Walter Payton Game - Bryan Robinson Blocks Field Goal

Well, Brett Fare did his job. I mean, that's. Another comeback the Packers aren't, the Packers and Brett Favre was not Brett Favre. But you know, they had to make this drive to get in this position to try this, and they did it.

Well, you know, everybody talks about the kicker what he does. And what do you think? So what about the center? Well, I'm older, well, women? Why is this couch back here by himself? And all the other guys are up here, Casey misses the son because he's the guy that has something thing about.

These guys but all be together, but it is as you say, it sounds better, how about the Holder and it? And the snapper Hasselblad is a holder Davis is the center that way to make friends and those two guys, and the kick is blood. What do you think about unbelievable? But Lea little is right? Look at Chris Bosco. He knows that he missed.

You saw him just saying, thank you and that's. Why I'm not second-guessing now but that's, why you take a shot at the end zone before you go for that? Because as you know, Nothing is automatic Band their line when that thing was blocked he's, the happiest person here now Mahan here's the block again, I didn't, see where they came from let's, just to get a big, push right up the middle. And then right from me outside that's where it was blocked Brian, Robinson I think got the hand on it. The snap is good.

You see they get to push up the middle, and they get to press from the outside Robinson that far can't believe that this is Pat Summer all for John Madden and DJ Johnson. Saying so long from Lambeau Field where once again, the final score is the Bears 14, the Packers 13 be sure to stay tuned to Fox Sports for our post game show with JB Terry, Howie and Chris right after these messages for more information on today's game in the latest NFL news log on to as we leave you today. We'd like to end our broadcast with the final thought on how Walter Payton would like to be remembered before his final season in a relaxed moment at the Pro Bowl Payton, practiced. The retirement speech that now serves as a fitting epitaph, Chicago, National, Football, League world, I am so proud I've had the opportunity to be a part of your lives to bring some happiness to your lives and express my talents on the field and off the field. And if I've done anything that has helped your lives, please use me if I've done anything to offend you. Please, forgive me, I've had a ball.

And now I'm bowing out.