Top 10 Things You Didn't Know About The Remington 700

The Remington 700 is probably one of the most popular series of bolt-action rifles from Remington Arms, which are all based on the same bolt actions being one of the most popular center fire bolt-action rifle with so many variations. You probably have a lot of things. You know about the Remington 700, but what we're going to take a look at is we're going to take a look at the top 10 things you probably didn't know about the Remington, 700 number one beginning in 1962, the Remington 700 began producing.

This 700 design with 30 different calibers, ranging from the 17 Remington to the 450 a twin mag, which gives you extremely large variation of rounds. You can fire through this bolt-action rifle. And of course, many of the most popular on there, including the 308, the 25.6, the 270, the 38 6, 7 millimeters there are so many to mention number two, there's, 20 different versions of the Remington, 700 the model, 700 the SPS, the ADL, the AAC SB, the AIC s, the ADL. So many to mention the tactical chassis for the.

Mountain LSS, the police model, the m24, the m-40 and the light, tactical rifle. So many variations to mention there's over 20 variations to mention on this list. Number three in 1996, Remington made the Remington, 700 ml for muzzle-loading since 1996, they've been producing the 700 ml or this muzzle loading version. In fact, in 2000, that made the 700 at Tron X. But it has an electronic primer igniter number for almost 20 of these Remington, 700 varieties come in 30 different calibers, many of which come in.Several barrel lengths, which gives you over a thousand different Remington, 700 varieties number five between 2013 and 2016 Remington received over 2000, complaints lawsuits, following suggesting that the trigger can be fired without touching it. These lawsuits argued that the problem was really the Remington and covered this problem up causing dozens of death and many injuries proposing that 2007. And prior triggers can be fired without squeezing the trigger number six in October of.2010, CNBC started an ongoing to Gawain series on Remington called Remington under fire.

This series showed documents proposing the Remington considered recalling many times and never did number seven. But in 2010, Mary Mike, Walker inventor of the Remington, 700 trigger system in 2010 at then the age of 98 told CNBC that in 1948, he had produced for Remington what he calls the safe trigger and that it was rejected by Remington due to an extra cost of five point, five cents according to inflation. Look at about 50 cents number 8 in the end and Remington argued that all these triggers were adjusted beyond recommendations and were altered. It was on December 2014.

The Remington agreed to replace almost 8 million Remington, 700 triggers number 9 in 1966, Charles Whitman used a six millimeter Remington, 700 to kill 16 people in 132 others from the University of Texas clock tower. And finally, number 10, there are six different countries that regularly use the Remington 700 for their police force. And their militaries on this list include Australia, Canada, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines.

And of course, the United States, including the border patrol, the Navy the Marines and the army. So there you go there's. My top ten list of things you probably didn't know about the Remington 700 if you'd like to see other top 10 things, you didn't know about certain guns, click on the playlist below also you can find us on Facebook on our god, family and guns. But by far, the most important part of this.YouTube channel is it is a ministry to us.

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