Vacay In Florida!

So we just got back from the beach say, hi, Wow, there's, our dog, that's, the dawn I told you about that when I used to take them out, and I used to leave this poop outside. What do you think about the doggy? Great? Do you like the doggy? Yeah, nope.

Yeah. Atari because. He smells right? They see, oh, yeah, because. He smells. He smells like, hi guys.

So that is perfectly when she was staring at Penelope, and I was looking at her like this. She no meters coming in this. He came up to me, yeah. And she watches the video. Yeah, Guys you want to give yourself a shout-out for engineering, I, do haven't YouTube channel.

Oh, you do yes, deafening and 7.8 and a I. Am today? What do you do? Beauty? Beauty, yeah, I'm. Video, already, oh, yeah, - me - yes, don't. You start like two months ago.

Okay, how are you doing you're doing good? Pretty good, pretty here's a service. Okay, yeah. That's. Good.

That's. Good. We want I can leave it up there? I'm here, no, yep, oh, my grew up here. Somebody's Irish. So we just left the mall and my mom, and I'm Penelope. We.

Are going to go my subject natural is that you don't have to smile? Okay? So my mom and I am Canopic. We just left them.

All just did a little of shopping. And now we're going to go out to eat like an early dinner. So we just got here and they're chicken. Ella P, look sloppy, hey, hi. We just finished dinner, and I'm like 1 through 10 I'm like a one-and-a-half tipsy.

But what are you right now 1 through 10 I'm, not I'm like zero. One zero point. One zero point, one, no, she had one glass of wine too. But since she is. Older and she like ate a lot of food she's not tips here or anything, otherwise, you know, we wouldn't be driving. What is the Kelsey mm-hmm?

What does the sheep say, baa-baa-baa? What does the duck? See? Aqua where's your eyes, oh, good job. Where's your nose, good job, where's your mouth. Good job.

Where's, your ears, where's your head, where's, your belly button. Yeah, there was your nothing, but hey, good job. Where's. Your booty Wow is your toes. Oh. Guys, I honestly was about to stop foggy, and I totally forgot to. Mention why I'm here where I'm at why it was isn't here in our type stuff I came to Florida by myself with Penelope, why?

Because I wanted to take a little vacation I wanted to be here with my mom I, just wanted to like chill? Why didn't lose come? He couldn't come because of his job.

You know, if he doesn't want to take a vacation, he has to let his job know like a month, two months in advance and I decided to come like, super last minute, I bought my ticket three days before the flight. So it was super. Super last-minute, yeah, I just basically came just to vacation just to like to go to the beach just to have fun mostly to be here with my mom. So I'm going to go ahead and call it a night.

Well, before I do, I'm going to do the key of the day. And a question I, get asked in almost every single vlog is well I get asked to things how do I say, it's, two questions regarding the same thing. So the first question is, what is Penelope's eye color? And the second question is, where did she get her eye color from me. Has a unique eye color. So like around her pupil, it's a little of green and then around if it's like a gray blue. So it's like really hard to tell the eye color does change a lot depending on what she's wearing.

So if she's wearing like a really light color, her eyes, look darker and astray the darker color, her eyes, look lighter. But she does have a mixture of gray blue and a tiny bit of green. So where does she get her eye colors from me? Is nobody I?

Don't know, nobody in the world knows. Exactly who, but it did come from either Louis the side to the family or my side of the family. So his side of the family. He has people like his drama and stuff and great-grandma who have colored eyes like green blue.

And in my side of the family like am I talking like brother or sister and mom, mom I'm talking like grandfather up there in the family tree, they have green and gray eyes too. So she got it from either Louis or my side of the family. A lot of people always ask us. They see us out on the. Street like where she gets her eye color from because we listen, I both have brown eyes, so they're always kind of like surprised that she has her colored eyes, but I think it's, pretty cool it's like a mixture of like granny, really Lucy, look mommy's. So right now, her eye color, it's like a lot. It looks very green.

What are you doing? Okay? What are you doing differently? Right?

Well, right now her eyes look, very like green. You can't tell if there's any blue or gray there, no I'm, just because of the lighting. All right so we're going to go say, bye, bye, Brown say, I, love, you.